Adventure is out there!

After spending the first week of my Easter holidays catching up on sleep, visiting family in Cornwall and scoffing an obscene amount of scones, this week involves an adventure north. I’ve got a few house viewings booked and intend to scout out the surrounding areas. I’ve also obsessively researched, like any girl would, potential hair dressers and nail salons and have booked in at both NAF! ( and Blow ( so I’m quite giddy! Hubby has also treated me to a first class train ticket and I am loving life with wifi, bacon sandwiches and the option of free wine! Though on my 10:09 train I’m not sure the wine is entirely appropriate.

Today’s mission involves getting school work done on the 2394793247 hour train journey,  taking back a pair of jeans as they’ve now ripped in 3 horrific places after only owning them for a couple of months (maybe I should accept that my bum is no longer a size 10), having a mooch around Glasgow city centre, finding the hair salon for a patch test and discussion of just what I want doing and finally catching up on terrible TV with a takeaway. Any suggestions for places to visit or a great takeaway in the Busby area would be appreciated…

Tash x


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